SHARE consortium launched its project in Paris

On June 13th and 14th our Consortium composed of CEA, Efficient Innovation from France, ENRESA from Spain, IFE from Norway, JRC and KIT from Germany, LEI from Lituania, NNL from UK, SCK-CEN  from Belgium, SOGIN from Italy and VTT from Finland were reunited in CEA headquarters in Paris (France).

During these two days, our consortium started SHARE project and planned the work to be done in the upcoming months to reach our ambition goals: to provide a new R&I roadmap of the needs in the decommissioning field based on the largest ever consultation of the stakeholders all along the value chain.

Based on the outcome of this two days meeting, SHARE consortium will focus on the first few months on four main points:

  • To identify all the relevant stakeholders all along the decommissioning value chain to be sure to consult them in the project process.
  • To reinforce our Expert Review Panel with the most relevant stakeholders of the field.
  • To refine our methodology to discriminate between the needs we will unveil.
  • To start building the most effective questionnaire to ask the relevant stakeholders all along the value chain.

We are all very excited to start this project and wish it to be a powerful tool for the European decommissioning ecosystem in the years to come.