3 days of work in CDMA European Commission, Brussels

3 days of work in CDMA European Commission, Brussels

3 days of work in CDMA European Commission, Brussels 2048 996 Share

From January 13th to January 15th SHARE consortium met in Brussels at the CDMA European Commission. The objectives of this meeting were twofold: give a review to the European Commission on the project progresses and to work on specific chosen subjects to get the project forward.

On the first day of the meeting, our consortium composed of CEA, Efficient Innovation from France, ENRESA from Spain, IFE from Norway, JRC and KIT from Germany, LEI from Lituania, NNL from UK, SCK-CEN  from Belgium, SOGIN from Italy and VTT from Finland presented the first results arising form the first 6 months of the project to our Project Officer from the European Commission. It was the opportunity to exchange on the European framework surrounding our project and for our Project Officer to be made aware of our latest progressions.

On the two following days, our consortium organised 5 specifics working sessions to get forward on our project:

  • The first session was dedicated to the finalisation of the stakeholders list we intend to reach and include in our international consultation. The session was fruitful and we are confident to finalise it by end of January.
  • The second section was focused on the different methodologies that will be used in our project to qualify the R&I needs we will collect during our inquiry phase to the decommissioning value chain, but also that will assess the existing and ongoing solutions.
  • As the questionnaire aiming to collect the R&I needs from the decommissioning value chain is central to our project, the third session was focused on its finalisation. This questionnaire is now nearly finalised and the inquiry that will start with our Expert Review Panel will soon start followed by the international consultation of the decommissioning value chain.
  • Due to the amount of already existing literature on technical and non-technical solutions to decommissioning needs, we choose to dedicate a specific session on the overall strategy that will be followed to conduct the research of existing and ongoing solution carried out in our project.
  • Finally, a working session has been dedicated to the finalisation of communication supports for the project. On that subject you will soon discover the new LinkedIn account of the project that will relay the project news and exclusive contents related to the decommissioning, so stay connected !