SHARE consortium hosted at DigiDecom 2020 meeting

SHARE consortium hosted at DigiDecom 2020 meeting 1600 843 Share

From June 10th to 12th SHARE consortium will be hosted at DigiDecom 2020 – International Workshop on Roadmap for Decommissioning Innovation in Halden, Norway. This workshop aims at bringing together a multidisciplinary international community for open and highly interactive exchanges about experience from earlier applications, as well as opportunities for future applications of new technologies and methods.

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Through the participation of SHARE consortium and Expert Review Panel, the objectives of this workshop will be to discuss the mains points of the project that aims to :

  • Facilitate finding a roadmap for innovation
    • Innovation needs based on experience from completed, on-going and up-coming decommissioning projects
    • Future landscape of decommissioning and foreseen innovation needs
  • Connect the dots together
    • Connect emerging techniques with industry needs
    • Integrate existing and emerging technologies like digital twins, robotics, AI, mixed reality, serious gaming.
  • Identify barriers and facilitators
    • Technology, organizational and other barriers to overcome to succeed with digital transformation
    • Assets that can facilitate innovative applications.
  • Facilitate partnerships
    • Connect providers of innovation with those who will apply it and those who regulate it
    • Connect people working on, or in need of similar things

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