Objectives and Scope


The main objective of the SHARE project is to increase coordination between the various stakeholders involved in research activities related to decommissioning and who have an interest in ensuring that decommissioning can be implemented in a safe, effective and sustainable manner.

As a forerunner to the establishment of a framework for collaboration on research activities related to decommissioning, the SHARE consortium will provide an inclusive roadmap for stakeholders in Europe and beyond. The aim of this roadmap will be to jointly improve safety, reduce costs and minimize environmental impact in the decommissioning of nuclear facilities for the next 10 to 15 years.


SHARE consortium participate to DEM2021 1470 645 Share

SHARE consortium participate to DEM2021

SHARE consortium will participate to DEM 2021 that will take place June 07-09, 2021 in Palais des Papes, Avignon, France. For this occasion, SHARE consortium will present the project and its results obtained so far. DEM2021 Long term Decommissioning programs of nuclear facilities (NPPs, fuel cycle plants, research facilities, etc.) are major stakes for the…

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3 days of work in CDMA European Commission, Brussels 2048 996 Share

3 days of work in CDMA European Commission, Brussels

From January 13th to January 15th SHARE consortium met in Brussels at the CDMA European Commission. The objectives of this meeting were twofold: give a review to the European Commission on the project progresses and to work on specific chosen subjects to get the project forward. On the first day of the meeting, our consortium…

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SHARE consortium launched its project in Paris 2560 1920 Share

SHARE consortium launched its project in Paris

On June 13th and 14th our Consortium composed of CEA, Efficient Innovation from France, ENRESA from Spain, IFE from Norway, JRC and KIT from Germany, LEI from Lituania, NNL from UK, SCK-CEN  from Belgium, SOGIN from Italy and VTT from Finland were reunited in CEA headquarters in Paris (France). During these two days, our consortium…

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