Nuclear decommissioning encompasses all technical and management actions associated with ceasing operation of a nuclear installation and its subsequent dismantling to remove it from regulatory control, aiming at delivering an environmentally friendly end-product, in line with the ‘circular economy’, as promoted by the EU.

Thereby, there is an increasing interest and also pressure from society that the principles of environmental sustainability are applied to all industrial activities, e.g. in line with the sustainable development agenda of the United Nations. This issue has strong ethical dimensions: the generations which gained benefit from the use of nuclear energy should, where reasonably practicable, not pass the burden of addressing the associated legacies to future generations.

Decommissioning represents a crucial stage of the nuclear cycle and remain highly complex with. There are still very few demonstrations of decommissioning programs finalized on an industrial scale and if decommissioning activities reached a certain level of maturity, further technological development work is required, particularly aiming at improving performances, safety and waste minimization. Countries are facing many challenges, including high costs, difficulties in using innovative technologies or lack of resources. In this context, coordination between stakeholders is of utmost importance.


SHARE consortium launched its project in Paris 2560 1920 Share

SHARE consortium launched its project in Paris

On June 13th and 14th our Consortium composed of CEA, Efficient Innovation from France, ENRESA from Spain, IFE from Norway, JRC and KIT from Germany, LEI from Lituania, NNL from UK, SCK-CEN  from Belgium, SOGIN from Italy and VTT from Finland were reunited in CEA headquarters in Paris (France). During these two days, our consortium…

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SHARE consortium hosted at DigiDecom 2020 meeting 1600 843 Share

SHARE consortium hosted at DigiDecom 2020 meeting

From June 10th to 12th SHARE consortium will be hosted at DigiDecom 2020 – International Workshop on Roadmap for Decommissioning Innovation in Halden, Norway. This workshop aims at bringing together a multidisciplinary international community for open and highly interactive exchanges about experience from earlier applications, as well as opportunities for future applications of new technologies…

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